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Name: Jane
Age: 15
Location: North Carolina
Taken or Single? Taken ; )

10 Bands/Artists: tsunami bomb, Blind Melon, david bowie, the strokes, oldschool greenday, incubus, red hot chilli peppers, at the drive in, the mars volta, snow patrol...  can go on, but you can probably see, my taste is vast.
5 Movies: The Labyrinth, Donnie Darko, Sleepy Hollow, Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas, Rocky Horror Picture Show
3 Books: Catcher in the Rye, Perks of Being a Wallflower, Interview with a Vampire.

What if...
...You could be in any band in history, which band would it be and why?
...You could be a character in any movie/book, who and why?

Talk about something you're very pasionate about (Politics, morals, ect.)
An interesting fact about yourself: I'd say I'd want to be in Blind Melon.  Shannon (lead singer/guitarist) was an early nineties neo-hippy.  He was an incredible guitarist, and a compassionate human being.  He developed a cocaine addiction that basically cracked his mind (he went pretty crazy) and died of an overdose in 1996.  I wish I could have known him, and I'd like to think that if more people had tried to stop his addictions early on he'd still be here rockin' out.

...You could be a character in any movie/book, who and why? Sam, from Perks of Being a Wallflower.  She's intelligent, so much that it overrides her immense beauty.  I love the facets of her personality, she's cynical, but not so hardened to lose sympathy for people having a hard time.  I hope to one day be like that. (i dunno what the hell my comp's doing to the colours here... sorry.)
Hobbies/intrests: Clay, acylic paint, music of every type except country, guitar, hair colours, reading, environmentalism
Where you heard about this community: i typed "Phish" in the interests search bar... oh so complicated.

Post 3-6 pictures, resize if necessary.


sorry for posting me and my boyfriend twice, if you want i can post others, let me know.

slutting it up:">">

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