sweetlyxdieing (sweetlyxdieing) wrote in everythingxcore,

♥Taken or Single? single at the moment or until i talk to him again lol
♥10 Bands/Artists:
never is a promise-local band
linkin park
papa roach
jimmy eat world
taking back sunday
♥5 Movies:
party moster
slc punks
the ring
hide and seek
♥3 Books:
a series of unfortuntie<{sp}events
harry potter books
the alibi
What if...
♥...You could be in any band in history, which band would it be and why?
probley greenday why because they would have to be my role model right now i like there music and they would be a really cool group to hang out with.</p>
♥...You could be a character in any movie/book, who and why?
i would like to be violet buldedire<sp> shes smart funny and about the same age as me.She gets out of problem whenit looks like theres no hope in the world aand she can always manage to take care of klaus and sunny.
♥Talk about something you're very pasionate about:reading i love to read i like to sit in a corner and just image i was there and i knew what the character was going through.</p>
♥An interesting fact about yourself:i can be very shy even though i dont act like it
♥Hobbies/intrests:afi, aim, alternative music, animal rights, anti-bush, art, atreyu, bands, beaches, beloved, benji madden, betrayl, billy martin, black, blink 182,edward scissorhands, emo, fairy wings, fangs, fireflys, ghosts, glitter, godsmack, going for walks, goth, graveyards, green day, grind, hair dye, halloween, hardcore, harry potter,poems, poetry, pop punk, practical magic, puppies, quizzes, rain, reading, relaxing, saftey pins, sailor moon, sarcasm, secret window, senses fail, sleeping, sleepy hollow
Where you heard about this community:ft_wayne community
♥Post 3-6 pictures, resize if necessary.

this is a picture from last summer when i had green and blue hair i dont look much like this anymore but i can tfind any good face shots at the moment

♥Be a whore and promote us in 2 communities. Post links, they will be checked!
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