robbie lude (r16) wrote in everythingxcore,
robbie lude

Because I'm oh so scene!

♥Name: Robscene
♥Age: Sixtscene
♥Location: Kendallscene, Indiana
♥Taken or Single? Scenegle.

♥10 Bands/Artists: hothotscene, scene kweller, bright scene, curscene, son scene, azure scene, rilo scene, desaparscene, muse of scene, scene station
♥5 Movies: a midsummer nights scene, gleaming the scene, donnie sceno, napoleon dynascene, garden scene
♥3 Books: frankenscene, dracuscene, the collective works of edgar allen scene

What if...
♥...You could be in any band in history, which band would it be and why? mates of scene because they're the scenest kids around.
♥...You could be a character in any movie/book, who and why? johnny, ceo of scene, inc. cause he's hot.

♥Talk about something you're very pasionate about (Politics, morals, ect.): i'm such a scene kid.
♥An interesting fact about yourself: scene above.
♥Hobbies/intrests: scening cigarettes over checkboard tables with glow in the dark stars.
♥Where you heard about this community: i scene it written on a window at the anchor.

♥Post 3-6 pictures, resize if necessary.
♥Be a whore and promote us in 2 communities. Post links, they will be checked!
i haven't scene any good enough communities fo' this.
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